Gereon Elvers

I’m a 4th Semester Information Systems student at TU Munich. Nice to meet you!

People I work with:

Since 2019, I am a scholarship recipient of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation

Since 2021, I am part of the leadership education program offered by the Bavarian EliteAcademy

Since 2019, I am a Junior Analyst & member of the Infrastructure Resort at TU Investment Club

Stuff I’m doing:

Idle game that funds reforestation projects. Compensated over 90.000kg of CO2 thus far!

In the summer semester 2021, I am a tutor for TUM’s Introduction to Software-Engineering (EIST) course.


If you are a TUM student looking for my lecture notes, I’ve thrown them together here.

Let’s talk!

    Feel free to just send me an Email


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